New Website

JJC Security would like to take this opportunity to announce the launching of our new Website which was created by The Marketing and Branding Company. We hope you find the site clear, easy to navigate, and efficient in its presentation of information. One of the main functions of the site shall be to not only serve as a means for our potential customers to become familiar with our company and the …services we provide, but also as a useful tool for our current clients, by providing a forum for technical information, and project updates. We are very proud of this site and look forward to your feedback. We intend to continually improve and expand the site moving forward. One exciting feature is the very tool I am using right now… our Facebook section of the site is a powerful tool for keeping our present and future clients up to speed with the business. We also plan to use Facebook to provide the latest news, new technology devices, and trends within the security industry. If you check the site periodically, you will find the site continually updated. JJC Security would like to send out a personal ‘thank you’ to The Marketing and Branding Company for all the time
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